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So I've started a new series of images here.
They are all going to be fanarts of Full, vocalist of Guniw Tools, Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles, etc & general creative jack of all trades.

Why him? Because his image is inspiring. Sometimes a little dandy, sometimes a little odd, sometimes utterly insane. Seriously, google Guniw Tools. You'll see what I mean.
Also, I really like his music.

I started this series partly because of a comment varpunen-laulaa made about being 'full of blueberries', but mainly because I need more practise.
Despite having owned a graphics tablet for years, I've never stuck at using it--I'll spend a day or two using it, then leave it to gather dust for months on end!
Due to my old laptop dying on me last year, I ended up having to buy a new tablet too (the previous tablet was purloined from Dad, and about 15 years old, and unfortunately not compatible with Windows 8!)
Along with the laptop and the tablet, I also had to buy a new version of Photoshop Elements. Can you hear my wallet crying yet?

My previous laptop had PSE 8 preinstalled, and it was a fantastic piece of software, really easy to use with lots of functionality.
I ended up buying PSE 12, as it was Win8 compatible and the new version. From past experience (PSE 1, 7 & 8) I'd learnt that the program only got better with each version.

How wrong was I?

PSE 12 is rubbish.
In fact, PSE 8 seems to be the last decent one--searching online I discovered that Adobe started cutting out decent features at PSE 9, and again at PSE 11.
They've also made the interface look more like Photoshop For Idiots.
The magic wand tool has been taken away, as has Colour Variations. The tool options toolbar has been shifted to the bottom of the screen, where the photo bin is--so you can no longer turn that bit off. Which - along with the second row of oversized buttons at the bottom - means the workspace is tiny.
All very well if you've got dual monitors set up, but hey, I'm a home user on a laptop. I don't have space, or even a port on my laptop, to plug in my old monitor.

So I looked for alternative software.

One name that popped up several times was Krita. I saw it mentioned both on the dA forums and on a couple of websites and what drew me to try it out is that it's free. (Which is awesome, since I'm still feeling the pain from replacing hardware and software.)
I've had it around two weeks and so far it's great!
Some things take some getting used to, such as the way some of the brushes work, but I found it easier to get on with if I think of it as something more like actual painting than digital.
Also, the range of brushes is awesome. I do have some favourites (Bristles_hairy and Ink_gpen) but there are so many available to create different effects.
Krita doesn't have all the tools that PSE does, in fact I haven't yet used half of what it has.
But what it does have, which PSE doesn't, is masking!
I played with that for the first time today. Admittedly I didn't know what I was doing (I'm one of those people who doesn't look for tutorials...) but it was handy for the image I was working on.
The zoom control also trumps what PSE have to offer, as it's a little drop-down menu in the bottom corner--or you can click on the bar to zoom in. No messing around switching tools just to zoom in on the fiddly bits.
Krita's only weak point is lag. It only happens occasionally - if I'm trying to use a large brush to paint in a 150dpi A5-sized image, for example - so it's mostly bearable. It doesn't give me total rage like PSE does with it's stupid tiny workspace, anyway.

PSE is still my software of choice for editing photos, but despite all the digital art-friendly tools it has, Krita is a total winner for artwork.
If I could get PSE 8 back without paying through the nose, I'd be really happy, but I'm still sticking to Krita. Despite the occasional lag, I can get along with painting stuff so much faster!

So to drag this post back to its original topic, another reason for starting this 'Full of...' series is to get used to Krita.

And the first piece? Full of Blueberries, of course! :D


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I get distracted from art-ing by crafting and blogging at my blog, Unfortunately Oh, and making products for my Etsy store, Little Deer Daydreams.

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